Three Kinds of Faith - Rev. Boaz (07022022)

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Those who believe in Jesus are called Christians. After meeting the Lord personally, I am living as a believer. I do not use the word “religious person” because it is likely that I will be classified as a person who lives a religious life. I think people live by what they believe. After being born again 28 years ago, he has been living as a pastor, especially following the mission of the evangelist.

Seeing the many people I met in the life of a pastor, I seem to have my own point of view and insight. Hopefully, every morning I set myself up before the Lord so that it doesn't become my stereotype. There are three types of faith that have been organized for me in the past pastoral journey.
The first is If Faith. As ‘if’ faith, if God does this or that, I will believe. I will respond. I will obey by works. It is the faith that Jacob of Genesis will serve as his God if he allows him to safely return to this place in Bethel (Rus). New believers in the church are stepping on such a rudimentary faith.

The second is because of faith. It can be said that ‘because’ is faith. I believe that we are grateful for what the Lord has done in our years of faith and enjoy joy. It is a faith that responds with thanksgiving by being promoted through prayer, receiving material blessings, or freeing from great dangers or crises. It seems extremely normal. Perhaps Zacchaeus' reaction is a representative aspect of his faith. It is considered to be a faith that is sustained and maintained because of the grace given.
Finally, it is In Spite of Faith. Nevertheless, it speaks of faith. Daniel's three friends confessed to the belief that God would save him, and the faith that his heart toward God would not change even if he didn't. I believe that this “in spite of” belief is a belief that can be reversed. It seems that now is the time for us believers to upgrade from faith ‘because’ to ‘despite’ faith. for the reverse

Even if there are no fruit on the fig tree and the vines, even if there are no cattle in the pen and in the stalls, the prophet Habakkuk's determination to rejoice in the Lord God, and the faith of Daniel's three friends even if he does not do so, I reflect once again in my heart.