Restart in Crisis 3 - Boaz

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Angel of the Lord 119 Mission Team

My ministry started, and through the 1st & 2nd rounds, we overcame the crisis under grace and started again. In 2015, the fourth cancer overcame with the old and new Bible as medicines and came to the ministry with a new life. It is a miracle and grace to wake up at dawn, and gratitude comes out in a row like a sweet potato. As I started anew, I became confident and focused on the spirit of House church. With concentration, by May 2019 (the 10th anniversary of the foundation), My wife and I spread the two wings of Rice Ministry(wife) and Word Ministry(me).

The third crisis began at this time. After the 10th anniversary service, we looked back at the church community. It was hard to find a progressive challenge, and the shadow of a conservative excuse seemed to be reflected in me. And naturally, I started to wrestle with myself by asking, "Am I worthy of community leadership?" It is because of the common view that there must be some change. A sense of responsibility and self-reproach came over me that the problem of our community without quantitative growth was the writer.

While praying with a troubled heart, I remembered Gideon's prayer method. I wanted to reconfirm my accurate confidence in the ministry to God. So I prayed a very special prayer. I asked for financial support so I could go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with my wife in February 2020. It was impossible in our reality, and it was a prayer topic that was impossible without full help from God.

If God answered this, God told me to continue my pastoral ministry, or If not, I went there and resign when I came back, and I will prepare to live as a layman. This determination is wrestling alone before the Lord, so even my wife didn't know. And since June, every morning I have been a cry of prayer. At that time, my wife looks at me like an immature husband, she told me to go well your alone.

Our departure date for the pilgrimage tour was January 23, 2020. After months of no response, my heart was already at the edge of a cliff. However, on January 15, eight days before departure, four members of the 119 mission team arrived from Korea, whom they had neither heard nor seen. ~Skip~ After arriving and meeting with me and picking them up at their dorm, the female pastor handed over $3,150 and said that the Lord would give it to me. She was praying around July-August last year too, and there was someone calling out to God from somewhere in New Zealand. O My Lord~

So They came and finished their schedule here and returned to Korea on a Sunday morning, giving me the remaining New Zealand dollars. All together, that's $3,400. The cost of the plane for our couple was well filled. Right! The 119 mission team was God's answer. I still have no way to contact them. They said that was their mission. It was filled through the rest of the NZ and Korean angels. I made a decision in faith and overcame the third crisis by answering prayer at the edge of the cliff. I started over with a new heart.