Joy Series Sermon - Boaz

Joy Series Sermon - Boaz


The source of joy comes from grace and peace.

The joy of salvation (the Passover) and the joy of thanksgiving (the Feast of Tabernacles) will appear.

Whenever the Apostle Paul thinks of the Philippian church, we look at what he was thankful for.





Think and act like Jesus.

The prescription given to a divided and contentious community is the humility and obedience of the heart of Christ.
To put this into practice, we are told to accept two people.
Let's apply it to today's life through two things that have changed since we met Jesus.
The way to become one with the real truth
Running towards the mark & ​​chasing the prize of calling
What kind of joy does a citizen of heaven have?
- The joy of waiting for Jesus to come again as the Second Coming Lord
- The joy of expecting to be transformed into a resurrected body in the future
Formula for joy: joy = (one heart) love + (one heart) unity
For unity we must reconcile.