Rocks and Cliffs One Year Later Boaz

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I have a phobia of heights. Even when walking on the transparent floor in the Sky Tower, it is a small heart that loses strength in the legs. After reaching the middle of the 100-year-old era, I experience a phobia at a cliff-like place in my life. There is a symptom that the strength of the legs is relieved just by looking down steeply from the top of the cliff. However, if you have a strong rope, you will feel scared and scared, but you will be able to descend by relying on the rope. In some cases, you might even fall into the water under a cliff, relying on a 50:50 chance of survival.
But the rock walls you encounter in life are very different stories. It is not the fear we feel from looking down, but when we look down as we go up, I think that the fear we will have from above is weakening ourselves. There will be no rope to rely on, so you will have to install your own safety rope halfway through the climb. The rope will be your lifeline to protect you if you fall. So I think it will be fixed carefully and firmly.
In fact, I don't think most people, myself included, like cliffs or rocks. However, in our lives and in our religious lives, even when we see that even Jesus was threatened by being pushed to a precipice (Luke 4:29), it seems that we too have to face it.
I decided to take a new leap and in the new year of the 21st year, I was determined to face (encounter) and climb the rock wall that I had been bypassing or giving up all along. Because the cliff that seemed to fall on the journey of my past life trained me through hardship and adversity. At times, when I couldn't do anything because of a sense of helplessness, it seems that I had the training to endure and survive.
As of 2022, a year has passed, and still looking back on the past year, the confession and realization that life and faith life must have the power or energy that the Lord gives them has not changed. With the power the Lord gave, David defeated Goliath, and Moses and the Israelites were able to cross the Red Sea. What they had in common was that they faced the rock wall that appeared in front of them without running away or backing away. And it is clearly confirmed that God is the savior.