Reverse Idea - Pastor Chang-beom Koh

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When an Arab rich (rich) is about to die, he decides to divide his fortune in a ratio of 3:2 to his two sons, and he says he will decide who gets 3 and who gets 2 in a race across the desert on horseback. However, he said that if his horse arrives first, he will receive 2, and if his horse arrives late, he will receive 3. In other words, if the horse arrives first, the race is lost.

So the brothers tried to get each other's horse to arrive late, but as they tried to go late while looking at each other, there was no progress at all. However, when a passing sage told him what to do, the brothers did the exact opposite and made the horse run faster. How did the sage tell you?

The solution? switch horses If you arrive first, it is the 'horse' that loses, not the 'person'. The older brother can win by arriving the younger brother's horse first, and the younger brother by getting the older brother's horse to arrive first to win. I think we need wisdom to get out of the trap of problems.

As another example, Gangnam Style, the biggest hit of 2012, was actually made through a reverse idea. Because the composer slightly twisted his compositional style, the composer himself was also anxious, and as a result, he became a world-famous star beyond the mega-bak level.

There is a phrase that is often talked about on the Internet. Reading 'Suicide' backwards becomes 'Let's live', reading 'adversity' backwards becomes 'career', reading 'Relationship' backwards becomes 'lover', and reading 'My hardship' backwards becomes 'Everyone is strong'. . In addition, if you put a dot on Impossible, you can say I'm possible.

I believe that it is the mind that controls our thoughts. It is because I have experienced in my life that thoughts move when the mind is set. Life is riding a bicycle and constantly pedaling. I am still busy with pedaling. In that life, adversity is true. But now I know that adversity has turned into a career. I believe that my character, character, and abilities today are built upon this career. I look forward to the next story that this career will create.