Most Important Award (20220109)

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When you hear “Reward,” there is a word that comes to mind. In the line that Bang-Won Lee (Jung-Jae Lee) gave in the movie “Contemplation”, “Am I the image to be king?” Song Kang-ho, who plays the role of a contemplative artist, still has an afterimage of his embarrassed expression in front of the question. Because that view is so important...

No matter what anyone says, I think the most important prize is the dining table. Without this, it seems impossible to live and an impossible life seems impossible... The only award I received when I was a child, especially at an elementary school (in the past: a national school), is the Achievement Award. Another thing I received was an award for doing well in the lab report in the natural subject with the help of my homeroom teacher in the 5th grade.

At the last Song Gu-Young-Shin worship service, each member of the church uploaded a prayer topic for 2022 with faith. What caught my eye while organizing the prayer topics was the wish that the children of the community to which they belonged would receive a prize at the end of the year. At the end of the year, I want to be recognized as an award as a fruit, and I want to glorify God with excellent results. I think it would be good to receive any awards except for idols.

But let's not forget what's really important. Our daily life, which we tend to take for granted, will be the most important to those who have life. Now, after experiencing the past two years of Corona, that conviction is even stronger. Before the corona virus, we recall how we were bored with the ordinary or had a sense of relative defeat in the high-speed civilization.

We come to realize how precious and precious the ordinary and daily life are to us living today. I miss the days when I met people in my daily life and had a friendly conversation over a table together. Of course, I also think positively that Corona may have played a role in giving us an opportunity to appreciate the value of everyday life.

I hope that the daily life in the previous ordinary day will be given as a reward soon.

So every morning I pray to the Lord. “Lord, please end this corona virus quickly. If your will is more lasting, give me spiritual eyes, ears, and wisdom to discern your message during this time.”