When Heard and Understood (220123)

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I went to VTNZ for my second driver's license renewal about 15 days ago. I was too embarrassed to pass because there was a problem in the eyesight test. The glasses I replaced last year seemed to be the problem, so I complained to the optician in a somewhat excited state and had an eye exam. In the meantime, I have realized and learned something I would like to share.
The crux of the problem was presbyopia. It would not be an exaggeration to say that all of us are experiencing for the first time in our lives. It was also the first time I experienced presbyopia. In fact, looking back, I have already heard of many cases around me, and I know there are many things I have seen through my seniors in my life 10 years above. When reading a newspaper, taking off your glasses, turning your eyes upside down, wearing a magnifying glass, etc.
Moreover, it was late to understand what the optometrist had been saying several years ago. Experts already knew and predicted signs and responses, suggesting step-by-step corrections. I confess, I couldn't hear it very well at the time. In particular, when I went to get a certificate of vision correction for license renewal a few days ago and listened to the explanation, I understood it very concretely. Because I think I came to know it after experiencing it myself and struggling with mental shakes.
In the process, I realized something deeply. When the preacher himself preached in front of the saints, I tried to apply it to the fact that all the church members could not understand it. The word of truth does not change anytime, anywhere. However, since we who listen are affected by time, space, environment, and circumstances, the degree to which we hear and understand will vary according to each situation.

Our religious life seems to be experiencing everything for the first time just like life. Like a child born with a new life, our soul will be born again, grow, grow, and mature. In such a time, I think that what is heard and understood will be different according to each period and time. After thinking like this, I feel a little less burdened as a preacher and depend on God the Holy Spirit. Because I think that each of the saints will be given spiritual guidance and enlightenment according to God's timing. In His Time~