Grace and Peace (13022022)

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Grace and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

The Apostle Paul, who left 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament, sends blessings to the recipients of all his epistles in front of them. Always the same phrase is greetings with the grace and peace of Jesus Christ.

I think the New Testament meaning of Mercy is Grace. Because it reminds us of mercy wholly bestowed from heaven. Just like the confession that we cannot live without grace, we confess that we cannot live without the grace of God the Creator in our ordinary daily life. We believe that breathing, drinking water, and smooth blood circulation in the intestines and intestines, especially protecting them from corona bacteria, is a total grace.

Like the two sides of a coin on top of that grace, I think that what is given is peace. The peace that the Lord gives is a little different, including the peace that the world gives. The peace that the Lord gives is because there are things that solve the troubles and fears of the heart. (John 14:27) Even if the total grace is poured out, if the heart is full of worries and fears, there is no room for grace to enter. Peace is when there is comfort in heaven where worries and fears are gone.

So, when grace is given to us, it is wisdom to let it share with our neighbors. I think it is because grace and wisdom are very close sisters. Also, if you look closely at the two words Grace & Peace, there are letters that repeat the same. ace has the highest meaning, and it is believed that grace and peace are the best of blessings.

The Passover, which symbolizes the atonement of Jesus Christ, shows grace through the blood of the Lamb. The Feast of Tabernacles, the evidence of living in the wilderness from slavery in Egypt to free people, seems to bring about the peace of enjoying the freedom that has been saved.

The image that is engraved in my mind seems to remain like this.