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Is There Hope for Korean Churches?

There are people who say that Korean Christianity is not on the decline, but that it has already fallen and is only taking time to become visible. It hurts my heart, but I can't help but agree with this diagnosis. Many people try their best to stop the downfall, but it doesn't seem to be working. Now, I think all that is left is to make “10 righteous people from Sodom and Gomorrah”.
In Genesis, an angel of the Lord appears to Abraham and foretells the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham pleads for both cities. As a result, he received the promise that the city would not be destroyed if there were only 50 righteous people, and even received the concession that if there were only 10 righteous people, he would not be destroyed, but in the end Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. It means that there were not even ten righteous people.
I think that the reason the Korean church is going down now is because they forgot the mission of their calling, just like Israel did. I think that the same wrath of God that came on Israel was coming because they ignored the mission the Lord gave to restore the world broken by sin to God.

I think the only way to stop this wrath is to build a church that corresponds to the 10 righteous people of Sodom and Gomorrah. A biblical church where pastors do biblical ministry, saints live a biblical life, and churches are faithful to the purpose of their calling.
- Senior Pastor Youngki Choi of Houston Seoul Church
Not long ago, I heard sad news from a neighboring church. My heart was heavy because I wondered if the churches would collapse like this. My husband and I, who do not have the skills, offered a warm meal and leisurely tea time to give us gentle comfort.

Following the spirit of the elder pastor who wrote the above, I wish to belong to 10 churches recognized by God. The driving force to wish for this is because there are still quite a few churches around us who are struggling to save souls and make disciples according to the will of the Lord along with the spirituality of prayer. As long as there are God's people who have God's love in their souls and hearts, they have a wish and supplication that nothing like Sodom and Gomorrah will fall apart.