How to deal with Sin - Rev Boaz

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Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, who were the first humans, ate the forbidden fruit from the forbidden fruit. As a result, we humans are bound by the chains of sin because we have DNA as their descendants. From our point of view, this is very unfortunate. In any case, that sin exposes each of us to a lust for control.

We believe that the way to deal with sin is that we have found a definite answer through a long Bible study and ministry of the Word. I think it means “obeying the word.” In the Old Testament, the Pentateuch tells us to obey the Word, the history books tell us to obey and the results of disobedience, and the prophets call us to return from disobedience. And the poetry is seen as the wisdom and praise of those who obeyed and lived according to the Word.

The perfect way to deal with sin is to live a life of obedience to the Word. I think there are three modes that are absolutely necessary to control sin more specifically with this DNA. It can be applied as a setting mode like an autopilot (Cruise). Here's how to deal with the sin of temptation and delusion in your daily life.

First, "Tree of Good and Evil Free mode" Like Smoke Free or Sin Free, TGE Free should be set. So that you can't even come close. Approach should be withheld, in order not to fall prey to the delusion that is pleasing to the eye and tasty and wise.

Second, it is "loving each other mode". All those who have the authority to rule try to rule the other side individually. In marital relationships, social life, and even within the church community, the original meaning of ruling seems to be forgotten. The final core of the law is 'love of God and love of neighbor'. The new commandment given above this is “love one another” (John 13:34).

Finally, "New Heaven and New Earth mode" We came from dust, and to return to dust is the result of Sin. However, the children of the Lord have the promised new heaven and new earth. We believe that in the life of believing and following the cross of the Lord's redemption, this can be given to our present life as well. It is living today in the promised heaven through faith. I think it is very difficult for sin to have a place in such a life.

In order to control Sin in today's life, I am determined to live according to the Word of God.