looking at the manicured garden

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Looking at the weather around this time, it seems that midsummer has passed and autumn has arrived. There are days when there is a cool breeze, so there is the pleasure and benefit of taking an afternoon walk while preparing a sermon or after completing daily life. In particular, there was one observed from a recent walk.

  As I was walking, I looked closely, and many houses had gardens. Also, the management is different. It was as if each garden represented the level of wealth, sensitivity, and sincerity of the people who lived there. A memorable home's garden is truly enchanting and motivates you to stay there. Conversely, some gardens are so unsightly that one wonders why they were made.

  I too have been living here in New Zealand for 21 years, and I am living in a rental house for the rest of the year, except for about 3 years. When I bought a rental house, I took care of the lawn and small garden all the time by myself. Therefore, even a sloppy garden must be managed on its own. However, I have no interest or talent in that area, and I manage the house with minimal tidying and live in a rental house.

  Then, why are the many gardens I saw on my walk, the garden in my house, and the gardens of other houses different from each other? I thought about it with questions and curiosity. With that in mind, I honestly looked at my posture when managing my current house. result? The details of how he approached with the mind and attitude of wasting time with limited management as a tenant rather than the owner's mind was revealed.

  On the other hand, I thought that the beautiful garden, well maintained and well-maintained, would have been carefully cared for by the owner of the house who loved and cared for the house. You can feel the unique weight of the owner. Our family, our business, our church community, and even a country~ When I think of various areas, I come to think that there is a difference between the attitude of ownership and the attitude of a tenant.

  After such a little time, I look back at the church community to which I belong, and am I really managing the garden beautifully for the purpose of ‘making the saints whole’ as a mission with a sense of ownership in the heart for the community? I consulted shame prevailed. So what do you do? In the midst of thinking, I actually decided to take more careful care of each of the church buildings, offices and educational centers, especially the alumni.