Required Comfort - Pastor Chang-Beom Koh

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There is a book I have been reading recently. It is a short booklet called “God Heals the Wounds of Rejection”, but the content is not simple and has a significant impact. It seems that we all have at least one or two aspects of ourselves that we don't want. The core content is that there is a scar of rejection (reject/refuse) at the root of its appearance.

If such a wound is at the root, I think that it will appear in some form on the trees, branches & fruits that grow on it. I believe that the more you read the book, the better you will know. Among these meditations, what kind of comfort do we really need today?
After the sermon last week, I have been thinking over and over again for a week.

It has been 27 years since I got married at the age of 27 and have lived as a married couple with my wife who is smarter and better than me. Still looking back over the past 27 years, my husband and I are just as different as people who migrated to Earth from Mars and Venus. I think that we are making each other wonderful and beautiful as a married couple as we each met Jesus on this earth and are in that great grace. Of course, from my point of view.

When we look back at our different appearances soberly, it does not seem that our original character, personality, or values have changed significantly. The only thing I feel is that the breadth of understanding each other has broadened. It means that the vessel to tolerate, accept, and understand the color of personality or the habit of speaking has grown.

There were numerous clashes, quarrels & podiums in order to widen the vessel of the mind brought from each planet. We saw each other's weaknesses on the battlefield of such a life, and we seem to have learned to comfort each other. My husband and I are aware of each other's hardship/trouble. And I know the pain/agony in the given life and ministry.

Looking back over the past years, I have come to realize that the truly necessary comfort can only be comforted by recognizing and acknowledging the other person's hard work and pain. Of course, it would be ideal if you could solve it. There are times when I, too, have toil and pain that cannot be explained or acted upon in words. In such a case, my wife, who understands me silently without saying anything, seems to be the best comforter.