Spiritual Leaders - Boaz Ko

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For the past few months, my wife and I have been having regular weekly meetings on the study of a life of godliness. About 50 years ago, the spiritual training and growth of Richard Foster, who was no comparable to a spiritualist, was the main fellowship.

We have spiritual training with one main topic each week. The role of a spiritual leader in the last subject, “training to be led,” is very memorable. The author says It is summarized as “the instrument of God that opens the way to the inner teachings of the Holy Spirit.” To me, it sounded like the words the Lord gave through Pastor Richard.

The author's core message is that when the Holy Spirit works, he gives the law of unity rather than the rule of majority. I think it will be helpful, so I will quote some of the contents of the book as it is. “The Holy Spirit can lead in the opposite direction to the given fact, or he can lead in a direction consistent with it. When the right path is chosen, the Holy Spirit instills a spirit of unity, and when we do not properly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, it afflicts us with anxiety.”

And then he goes on to say: “The unity of the Holy Spirit is more than a simple agreement. It is the recognition that we have heard the voice of God.” I believe that believing in Jesus and living as a Christian means pursuing a spiritual life. There is no doubt that God's guidance is very important in such a spiritual life.

While meditating on the path of our church community to receive God's guidance in a healthy and healthy way in such a spiritual life, I wanted to share the learning and realization I was given with the members of the Lord, so I summarized it this way. Most of all, I want to be faithful to the role of a spiritual guide centering on the message given to me.

A spiritual leader is what perfects the saints, and I think it should be possible to help them live according to the inner teachings of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives, encourage them, and, above all, be able to accompany them. Anyone who shares this article... I hope that you remember that we are brothers and sisters, united by the law of unity according to the unity of the Holy Spirit.