To the Person who will Reverse - Boaz

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I believe that I belong to the category who spends a lot of time thinking, meditating, and studying relatively. Research is mainly done while preparing a sermon, and meditation seems to be done while doing Quiet Time. And then, thoughts dominate in the related and life history. In particular, for the past few days, I have been writing a gratitude journal, and I am grateful that there are many good people around me. After thinking about it, I came to admit that there were also bad people around me. No, to be more precise, there is no difference at all from ordinary people.

But why do I think there are so many good people? I consulted at the end of my thoughts, I came up with a brief summary. It is concluded that good people and bad people will be determined by the thoughts of the judge and the results of life. In the case of myself, through mental filtering, when I think of bad people objectively, I see them not as bad people, but as people who are blind to the immediate interests and have a short and ignorant view of life. So I'm sorting out someone who needs help.

On the other hand, there is a point of view that distinguishes good people. They don't seem to be much different, but they know their own weaknesses, can see life from a distance, and they know how to be considerate of others and yield. Although his own interests are important, he seems to be a person who knows how to consider the interests of the community and others. Of course, we all have shortcomings. But among them, I think that I am a good person because I see and cherish the wonderful and exemplary parts.

Based on this principle, we are trying to voluntarily try and change our thoughts and meditations to turn the recent hardship caused by the corona into a reversal. For the past two years on the planet Earth, which rotates endlessly, all of us have groaned in pain with our whole body. Corona is definitely a bad virus for us like that. However, it is my thesis that if we have a reversal of thinking together, the adversity will become an opportunity for reversal.

Not long ago~ There was a time when it rained with a storm in Auckland. I went to the Ferry Wharf near the church to clear my mind, which was atrophied by strong winds for a few days. I saw a man windsurfing on the windy sea (when the water level is at its highest). He was the only one enjoying the rough waves and the harsh wind. The eyes of faith seemed to ride the surf.

Good people, good weather, good conditions, it all seems to depend on the person who will reverse.