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My family is receiving a lot of benefits from the advanced civilization in 2022. The church car was replaced and it was a new world, and a smart TV came into the house and it became a different world. In particular, smart TVs seem to take more of our couple's time. Above all else, Netflix takes me to a new level. Even so, it is at a level that is tempting for a writer who likes videos rather than reading books.

During the self-quarantine period due to the last Omicron, there is a cooking contest program called “the Final Table” that I saw impressively. Competing for food from 9 countries, the contest will select the 10th person to sit alongside the 9 top chefs. It was really exciting and we got to see a lot of high-end food that you can find in a special restaurant.

Remember, this program was made over 10 weeks. After watching the episodes for 1 to 4 weeks, I was very curious about who would be number one. So, I did a quick look using the smart function, but I was not satisfied with that, so I watched the last 10 weeks of the show and saw the final winner. I think it is one of the special benefits brought by the smart era. There was no longer any reason to be frustrated.

In the meantime, there are some things that come to my mind. It reminded me of watching weekend dramas or daily dramas before digitalization. There was a time when I waited with tension, anticipation, curiosity, and imagination for this broadcast, which had only one chance unless there was a rebroadcast. In particular, the choice of broadcasters was very limited, so there was not much room for concern.

But now, as we move from the digital era to the smart era, there are a variety of channels that we can see, hear, and know. Moreover, if you go to Google and search for anything you are curious about, you can find answers coolly. In this cutting-edge era, I feel anxious and regretful. This is because this flow also appears in the believers who deal with the Word. This is probably because it shows a life of faith that seems to know everything with only the teachings and interpretations of the Bible without the process of reading, meditating, thinking, and practical life.

Just as the body without a soul is dead, so faith is dead without works. (James2:26)