Three Important Awards – Boaz Koh (220508)

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In the era of discussing the world population of 8 billion, he deals with truly diverse people. This is probably because each person's tastes and personalities are as diverse as that. The value that each person considers important to the diversity is also different. There are, of course, three awards that are important to me.

The first is a table that no one can deny or deny. If you ask me what is the best thing in this world, I will answer that it is a table that gives survival and happiness. The table takes precedence over Nobel Prizes or honors. The food my mother made when I was young was the best, and the food my wife made after marriage was the best. The table given in the morning and the table given in the evening are the source of sustaining life's decisions that are not shameful in a given life.

The second is the impression we all see and live. I think that a person's face contains that person's heart and life. As a Christian, I do not accept contemplation. But I am not ignoring it. This is because it reflects the data shown by the shape of the face over many years. When I see people, I tend to look at their faces a lot. It is also true that a good-looking and pretty person looks good and gives an easy heart. A person with a good impression speaks well and speaks well. Also, he has a warm heart and seems to embrace and understand even his angular neighbors.

The third is everyday life that is natural, but never taken for granted. Years pass and I am in my mid-50s, and I confess that waking up in the morning and sleeping at night are not simple. In particular, after being quarantined for the past two years of corona and confirmed cases, I became convinced that the daily life of New Zealand, which seemed boring in the past, is by no means taken for granted. I realized that the best reward was to eat together, to gather in one place, to talk, to sit in the chapel, to praise and worship.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Grand Prize, etc. I have never received such an award. In my lifetime, I have been living with the honor of being exempt from scholarships for too long. Nevertheless, he is receiving a meal with the grace from heaven, and he is living by hearing that he is impressed with the great grace. Above all else, I am living my daily life, which is the most outstanding blessing, even at this time. I believe that I am a happy person and the son of God who has received the highest award.

What award is most important to you reading this? I give to you a house of thought.