After a shift in thinking - Boaz Koh

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In my 25 years as a minister, I have met many people. What he found among so many people is that everyone is different in their individuality. It would not be an exaggeration to say that no two people are the same. It is not uncommon for a relationship to be severed when the degree of difference is serious in so many encounters.

In the midst of such a past ministry journey, “How can I understand and embrace myself and others so that we can coexist?” I think thinking is one of the biggest challenges as a pastor. In addition, in the field of that ministry, as a preacher, as a preacher, reading the same Bible every year and preaching, “How can I approach it differently? It is also one of the tasks.

In the midst of such troubles, I tried the challenge of having a change of thinking and thinking or thinking like the message given in numerous books. For example, I am right-handed, but I try to use a spoon or chopsticks with my left hand. At first, it was so awkward and uncomfortable that it was very difficult. But now it has come to be used like an ambidextrous one.

To try this as an opportunity, when taking the first step during a walk, I always intentionally changed my right foot to my left foot. I don't think this will change unless you are conscious of it. This challenge is even trying to change right-handed use to left-handed use in the bathroom. very very awkward

What I am learning today from these attempts is that it takes training in a lot of discomfort and repetition to understand and embrace others as much as I do. In other words, to coexist with someone other than the wrong person, each of us has to put in effort and time.

In the midst of such hard work and time, when thoughts change, changes in thinking occur and develop, it seems that he is also gaining wisdom to solve problems faced by reverse ideas. After that, it seems that the number of people who don't understand is decreasing around me. However, it is an unavoidable reality that there is a limit to the continuity or depth of a relationship. Nevertheless, the reverse idea given by the shift in thinking enjoys the special grace of being able to receive even the hardships and tribulations that are given to us.

I try to serve the saints with the heart that I and each other are as important as myself.