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There is an example like this. One evening while reading the newspaper, her husband called her wife. “Honey, look at this. Statistics show that women talk twice as often as men! Men speak an average of 15,000 words a day, women say 30,000 words!” Upon hearing this, the wife said: “Men don’t listen, so women always say the same thing twice,” she said. So two badges!” Three seconds later her husband asked her wife.
"what?" I also often hear Finzan say to her wife, “You listen to me.”

A good counselor listens intently to the client rather than telling them what to do. The American psychologist Hans Herrman Strupp (1921-2006) said, “The one simple and indisputable truth that seems to me is that whether the problem is neurological, depression, or interpersonal difficulties, someone Confessing to someone you trust will make you feel better.” When others have complaints or conflicts, a Harvard University study shows that 90% of dissatisfaction can be resolved by simply expressing the content, even if the cause of the dissatisfaction itself is not resolved.

I actually have experience consulting with many elderly people. After listening to the elderly person for an hour and a half to two hours, later, when I ask, “How was your consultation today?” Thank you,” he replies. All I could say was, ‘You are like that’, ‘Is that so?’ ‘That’s it!’ ‘You are really amazing’, ‘You must have been really hurt.’

I read this in <Godowon's Morning Letter>. “'Listening' is listening with the heart. If you listen with your heart, your eyes will change. It shines brightly, sometimes a smile, sometimes a tear. There is sincerity in every word and every gesture. The way to win people is to listen sincerely and not to listen to them naively, but there are a lot of people who miss that.”

The Greek philosopher Zeno said, "The reason you have two ears and one eye, but one mouth, is that instead of hearing more and seeing more, speak little." There is an Arabian proverb, “If I speak, others gain, and if I listen, I gain.” There is a saying, “The mouth loses a friend, the ear wins a friend.”

The problem of communication arises from trying to emphasize and emphasize one's own existence without acknowledging the other's existence. Listening is the best way to say without words, “What you think, do and believe is very important to me.”

Although it is now gone, most churches gathered on Fridays for all-night prayers. We prayed unanimously over the common prayer topic, and later we prayed unanimously over our own prayer topic. I added it when I went to the prayer center. I prayed without giving the Lord a chance to speak. Perhaps true prayer is more about listening to the detailed voice of the Lord, who already knows our hearts and needs, rather than speaking without ceasing. The first requirement of love is listening. The first foundation of faith is also listening. Shema! Coram Deo.

“Be quick to listen, slow to speak” (James 1:19).