3 (Three) Marks – Boaz Ko

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It was already mid 50's. I saw numerous questions, processes, and results in the journey of my life looking back. In the meantime, it seems that some of them have developed their own realization and coast.

So maybe? When the opportunity arises for the younger generation, I often see Oji-ryap who wants to say something. Even knowing that it could turn into a latte and be an interference or nagging. When I have a lot to say, I think it is wisdom to condense it into the minimum number of words at that time.

I would like to summarize the journey of my past life in three tables. These are the question mark (?), the exclamation point (!), and the period (.). There were times when I was confused with a lot of questions, and there were times when I went down the wrong path and experienced a dark experience in confusion. Especially in the younger days, the heat of wandering was even hotter as questions and questions were pruned. This phenomenon continued to the person who had the maternal faith, and his simple and natural beliefs turned into question marks and he lived like a prodigal son.

One thing is certain about this journey. The end of wandering and chaos is not only despair or failure. When the coast is opened after finding answers to countless questions and questions, God's work is experienced as a new myo-mak side. That's when you feel it. Wow! How did this happen! God is really with me! The Lord is faithful! For those who seek the truth, the truth is experientially realized that it exerts its value and becomes the true life.

When question marks and exclamation marks are experienced, there is a phenomenon that occurs naturally. It is a decision about present and future life and faith. That decision seems to have come to an end and stand as a decision. A firmness that does not waver from the chaos of the past or the regrets of the world arises. Anxiety that comes from uncertainty is also settled with boldness because of God who experienced it with an exclamation mark. The biggest point is that God is always with me. Furthermore, since the kingdom of heaven prepared after the end of this life is marked with a period, hallelujah with the period of faith~

I am a pastor. There have been countless days of posting a question mark asking why the church is longing for revival and growth, and why is it not responding to our community. In the midst of this, God's heart for souls and souls were established in the ministry's journey, Amazing! saw the Lord As the question mark has been changed to an exclamation mark, I hope that I can save souls that are more precious than the world and become a complete disciple of the Lord and finish as a pastor who leads the life of the saints going to heaven.