I believe in miracles - Boaz Koh

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I believe in miracles. Some say that all the miracles and revelations caused by the work of the Holy Spirit in the early church were over. I do not agree with that person's beliefs and theology. For he has seen, heard, and experienced in faith in Christ. Not only did he not answer everything we wanted, but he showed us more miracles than we thought.

I think that the amazing miracles shown while reading, meditating, and studying the Bible are experienced in times of hardship rather than in ordinary life. The most representative example is what the Israelites experienced in the wilderness after they came out of Egypt.

God's people, Israel, crossed a road in the sea that they could never have imagined before the Red Sea. This was possible because God set the time and time exactly, and the water split into two sides. Crossing the Red Sea Road is by no means a mere coincidence. Many miracles were accomplished in God's time and manner. You can only see it through the eyes of faith.

After crossing the Red Sea, the Israelites experienced their journey in the wilderness. The problem is that they don't know if it's a path in the wilderness because they walked. (But whoever took the first step knew it.) A road is a place where people go. It is clear that the wilderness of Midian at that time was not a path for people to walk. However, the Israelites who had left Egypt had no choice but to walk and stay. After going like that for 38 years, a road was created.

Lastly, it would be impossible to say that there is a river in the desert. If there was a river, it would no longer be called a desert. The author's interpretation is that even a very small oasis to meet while passing through the wilderness and desert will be a miracle like a river for those who are thirsty. The water that the Israelites met in the land of Midian, who had passed through the Red Sea road and the wilderness road, seems to have been a source of life like a river. Because where there is life there is a miracle

Recently, I seem to experience miracles in my daily life. Because I realized that everyday life is never taken for granted. When he opened his eyes, he seemed to see a road in the Red Sea, a road in the wilderness, and a river flowing through the barren desert. With this kind of faith, I seem to have more grace and courage to follow the path of the Lord. I think it's a miracle to walk this path.

Because people did not believe, Jesus did not perform many miracles there. (Matthew 13:58)