Trash disposal of Spirit, Soul and Body - Boaz

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Last week on YouTube, I watched bananas being harvested and transported in the Philippines under the title “Extreme Job”. I deeply realized how grateful I am to eat what I sent as a laborer for less than 80,000 won a month in Hanwha. Looking back, I think what we are enjoying now is total grace. It is because they do not have to worry or suffer over what they eat.

Since it is a world where various people live, the environment, circumstances, and thoughts will also vary. However, from a general point of view, it seems to be necessary to think about excretion rather than eating now. This is because eating and excreting according to the so-called input & output principle are inevitable. In my recent contemplation on excretion, I feel the need for healthy excretion in our souls and bodies.

When an appropriate amount of food enters our body, it must excrete large and small according to the procedures of the digestive system. My digestive system is the weakest part. But these days, thanks to the grace of the Lord, I am eating well and digesting well. The fact that your weight reached the peak of your life is proof of that. It is a time of joy and gratitude when excreting waste from the body in the bathroom.

Just as the body has to dispose of the garbage in the body, I think that our emotions or minds should also have regular excretion. In relation to the soul (Mind/Soul), the logic is that garbage accumulates in our daily lives because our minds are accompanied by emotions. This is where psychologists can help. I thought about how to deal with it wisely. I think healthy small group meetings are good. From my experience, the ranch meeting that our community has is good. This is because it is a safe place to know each other's strengths and weaknesses and to open (pour out) even the weakest parts.

Finally, like garbage in our body and mind, our spirits also thought that garbage could accumulate. Since the creation of Adam, human beings have been given life with breath. I think it may be a space given only to humans. When the Spirit of the Lord fills this place, there is peace. But when it is empty, it is empty, and when it is full of garbage, it is corrupted and sinful. It means that spiritual excretion is necessary. How? Currently, my shores are being resolved through prayer.

“Go quietly to Jesus, lay down all your burdens, and believe in the love of the Lord on the cross to receive the forgiveness of your sins.”(Hymn)

(Matthew 11:28) Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.(NLT)