Life and Death - Boaz Koh (07082022)

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I saw an article in a magazine I subscribe to a while ago called Christian Review. It was introduced in the British daily The Independent and was written by Australian author Bronnie Ware. A topic that was compiled based on years of experience in nursing care quickly drew attention. "The 5 regrets left behind by people nearing death" are summarized from her point of view.

"What I've discovered while staying with patients who spend their last three weeks or as long as 12 weeks is that they regret the most about relationships and love," Ware said. Here are her 5 regrets she says:

1. I couldn't live as my true 'self' in order to pour into the expectations of others. As the regret of most people, he said that he did not even realize what he wanted to do and what his real dream was.
2. I was too busy with work. In particular, as most of the male patients were faithful to their work, they regretted not being able to spend enough time with their precious family.
3. I did not have the courage to express my sincerity. Many patients regretted the past when they could not speak out for a smooth social life.
4. I couldn't keep in touch with my friends. Due to his busy daily life, he lost contact with his precious friends and was very regretful that he could not recover.
5. I couldn't make myself happier. "Many patients didn't realize that happiness is what they make of it," said Weir, explaining why they weren't happy. It's because people are afraid of 'change', look in the eyes of others, and block true happiness from the common habits and behavior patterns they create in their lives, he said.

In conclusion, she said, "People who are watching your dying day think of you is very different from what you actually think. Life is your choice. Choose wisely and sincerely. And above all else, happiness is the most important thing.”

After reading this article, I remembered something I heard in a lecture a long time ago. ‘Death is not the end.
Today, it is a door to another place in the extension of life.' Death threatens us with the fear that everything will end, but the actual death is very close to us.

For me, true happiness is when the reason to live and the reason to die are the same. Especially, the words that the apostle Paul showed and left in his life strengthen his conviction. Whether we live or die, for the Lord's sake, whether we live or die we are the Lord's (Romans 14:8).