Restart In Crisis 1 - Boaz Ko

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On May 17, 2009, with the founding service, Good Neighbor Church was officially established. The journey of the ministry that began like that was filled with joy and sorrow. While meditating on the reason why another church must be established, He has been ministering for 14 years in the same place and on the same scale. We would like to unravel how we started over from the three biggest crises in the field of ministry, one by one over the course of three weeks.

The first crisis seemed to be my wife's breast cancer in 2011. But surprisingly, I think I passed through grace while living in a frenzy. The real big crisis is Daum, who seems to have found stability after undergoing breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy. Her wife's stage 3 ovarian cancer, discovered around February 2013, shook and shattered everything in her writing and her family.

Our teenage sons were anxious, and my husband and I had to make an important decision amidst mixed feelings of distrust and anger toward New Zealand medical staff with bare feet. Again, the second cancer surgery and chemotherapy seemed to be the most painful experience of my life. In the end, the author also suffered from all kinds of stress, and collapsed and faced the crisis of death.

So, in the final heart, I decided that it would be good to give up the ministry for the sake of my family after 4 years of pioneering. I can't remember exactly when, but it was Wednesday noon. In order to organize my mind and thoughts, I went to the Ferry Wharf near the church, took a boat to the city, and came back, trying to organize what I would say to the church community on Sunday.

There was time to wait to get on the boat, so I stood on one side and watched the churning sea as if dazed. However, a kiwi woman who doesn't care about my worries and feelings comes to the nearby area after taking pictures as if dancing with an excited expression. She smiled and then she How are you? ask Formally, Fine, thanks. But I ask again. Are you really okay?

When I asked this question, I said frankly no, and briefly told my wife's story. A sophisticated woman in her 50s seemed to be a Christian with the opening of the full gospel. Suddenly memorize Jeremiah 33:3, and you call to me. I will answer you. I wondered if it was a word from the Lord. Then, when she got on a boat halfway along her time, she came back and threw her words, saying that it was her word from the Lord, Jeremiah 29:11 God's plan was not a disaster, but a future full of hope, and left. .

She still doesn't know who she is. However, the words of Jer. 33:3 & Jer. 29:11 (which we believe are messages from the Lord) made the writer kneel in prayer, and as he hoped for God's plan, he overcame the first crisis and started again. .
You call to Me, and I will answer you to you.