After restarting over adversity - Boaz

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From 2011 to 2019, I overcame three pastoral crises and started again. It may still be a quick decision to use the expression “overdone”, but at least so far. At this point in time when I have experienced the saying that suffering is good for me, not with my head, but with my body and life, I would like to open the window of my heart.

The first phenomenon is that, after going through a holistic crisis of body, mind and spiritual stagnation in 2013, the fear seems to gradually disappear. It seems to be established with boldness, and it is a new life that has survived the crisis of death, and it feels like a life that is lived as a bonus. After marrying my wife, I have seen her wake up from anesthesia several times each time she gave birth to children (caesarean section) and fought cancer several times. Of course, my wife has seen me awake from my reading in the emergency room several times. In the process, my wife and I benefited from being strong and courageous.

The second phenomenon seems to have been the building of a wall of faith that entrusts the part of life to the Lord, overcoming the crisis caused by the fourth ovarian cancer recurrence in 2015. The role of the second son, who was used as God's messenger in the process, seems to be an unforgettable memory. If we look at the superficial changes, our present life today was given as a bonus, so gratitude was confessed in the morning and evening. The next benefit of this gratitude is knowing how to free yourself from worry or worry about the future. What I have been through so far As I am confident of the great grace of the Lord, it means that I can rely on the Lord who will work tomorrow.

The third phenomenon was that the 119 missionary team was sent in 2020 and the response was given as a clear assurance of the ministry. I am convinced that the ministry is with the Lord, so the size of the church and my appearance are shown in a blurred background, and the heart of God is clearly visible. This is the “mission to save souls and make disciples” in a generation where the number of Canaanite believers is increasing as the phenomenon of hair loss is maximized in the Christian church. It is even more beneficial to have the confidence that God hears and answers our prayers and supplications.

In the midst of this series of crises, I looked back on the day I started again. After the founding service in 2009, by 2014, two young people were baptized and one infant was baptized. And after the second pastoral crisis in 2015, 10 young and middle-aged baptisms, 3 infant baptisms, and 2 new members (prepared in November) were given results. It can be confessed that it is the total work of God. What we should be more grateful for is that in our community, those who believe in Jesus as the Christ and be baptized are worshiping together.

Over the past month, overcoming the crisis and under the title of starting over, looking back on the past, gratitude dances. Although the moment of crisis came painfully and painfully, it was beneficial to overcome and train.

But he knows the way I go, and after he has tried me I will come out as pure gold. (Job 23:10)