300 & 7000 - Boaz Ko

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Over the past 3 weeks, I have met Christian leaders, big and small, here in Auckland. We didn't just meet. I wanted to see if I could open the fields of union through fellowship with them. In particular, I was curious about how the evangelism meeting of the Billy Graham Foundation was prepared and conducted at The Trusts Arena in the west of Auckland.

For this evangelism rally, all networks were activated, prayed for unity, and heard news of cooperation. However, in my view, there are parts that I do not understand (including language barriers), and there are also parts that are frustrating. In the meantime, I met a New Zealand pastor of Indian origin who was particularly passionate about the union. It is proposed to have a prayer meeting centered on ethnic minorities. So I tried to attend.

The language spoken by the multiethnic people is English. On the other hand, the pronunciation and intonation of people whose second language is English was interesting. It's even more realistic when you include yourself among them. It is to gather once every two months and pray for Auckland, our ministry. I plan to make time to participate as much as possible.

And three days before writing this article, the Christian leadership in Auckland City gathered for a breakfast prayer meeting. We prayed for business, society, politics, church, and family in the city, and had a Kiwi-style breakfast. While eating, I was able to meet and fellowship with leaders from various ethnic groups.

Today, having these times, I thought about the present of New Zealand. From the perspective of those of us who live and work here, New Zealand is slow to do anything. Of course, that slowness has its pros and cons. Purely personally, slowness is hard on me emotionally. I think it's because the mind is always ahead. Is that why? The Lord is controlling my speed by making my heart sensitive.

During my 14th year as a church teacher out of the 21 years of my immigrant life, what I realized and learned under the grace of the Lord was that I was able to see prudence and have a sense of stability in the midst of slowness. In particular, I think it is the greatest harvest and change to see the time and season from God's perspective.

Today, with a little left at the end of this year, what does God want from the writer on this earth? I chewed it over a few times. The current answer seems to be a spiritual burden to help and connect the unity of the Auckland Korean Church and our Korean Church as a member of the Auckland Church on this land to the field of unity. The hope born from that burden saw 300 prayers at the breakfast prayer meeting for the unity of the church that became one in Christ. And this hope saw that here in Auckland there are 7,000 people who have not yet (or already) bowed their knees before the Baal of the world.

God's Time & Chance makes us see 300 people and expect 7000 people even in slow motion.