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Last week, I came across a short sermon by Rev. Chansoo Lee of Our Church in Bundang, Korea. He doesn't remember the entire sermon and text well, but he tries to share the parts that he remembered and thought about.

He listened to an illustration in the middle of the sermon. A man was driving down the highway and stopped in the middle. He was worried about what was going on with the person behind him or even the car on the other side of the road, and he approached and tried to help. He told me to open the bonnet and there were people who were actively trying to help. But the people who want to help the driver speak have changed dramatically, he said.

They say they know why the car stopped. They say the car doesn't have oil. What's even more disturbing is the fact that the car's oil level gauge was broken and lost fuel. People complain with all kinds of swear words, and a pastor among them realized one big thing while seeing such a scene.

The realization is that no matter how unintentional a person may be, if the instrument panel of his conscience is broken, he can cause trouble and commit sins. Moreover, seeing people who are lying on the Korean political board recently, I actively agree with the idea that the instrument panel of conscience may have a serious problem.

Following this failure of the instrument panel of conscience, Pastor Chan-soo Lee's application raised the issue of “wounds” in our church. It is said that people who took part in the meeting were asked. He is said to have asked people who were hurt by others to raise their hands while living a religious life. It is said that most of them raised their hands.

The surprising thing was found out in the next question. On the other hand, if you have had an experience of hurting others while living a religious life in the church, you are asked to raise your hand. Is it predictable? It is said that only two or three people raised their hands out of many. The continued application is that the conscience of the members in our church has a problem just like the oil gauge.

In terms of the standard of faith, because he sees it as a gauge of his conscience, he has suffered many wounds and has given little or no wounds to other members. Isn't this kind of naeronambul in our faith? I've been thinking about this for a week. I think we desperately need the wisdom to check and normalize the instrument panel of conscience given to each of us.

(1 John 3:20) Our conscience rebukes us, but how much more will God, who is greater than our conscience, and knows all things, rebuke us?