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Recently, I am reading a book called “Korean Church Trends 2023”. It seems to be one of the research materials on our churches after the entire global village suffered catastrophic difficulties due to Corona 19. No matter how much I think about it, I have never seen the corona virus, but the whole global village has been paralyzed for two years, and it has brought crisis and change with a huge blow to the church.

Corona bacteria, which can only be seen with a microscope, are still threatening us by hovering around us. Because of that threat, we hear people say here and there that the economic outlook for next year is bleak. Such a perspective sees people start out with anxiety and worry and then shrink in fear.

It reminds me of the movie “Ant Man” I saw a few years ago. The idea is that people suddenly become as small as ants. If you grow up like the Hulk, you will have strength, but you will become small like an ant that can't use much power. However, as it got smaller, it was difficult to see, and it showed the advantages of moving freely in a small space. There is a shift in thinking that has resulted from this. It opened my eyes to the micro world and started thinking.

It reminds me of a phrase about the most feared enemy in a book I was reading before. The invisible enemy is more terrifying than the visible enemy. It would be because you can avoid, fight, or run away if you see something that is understood as basic common sense. However, it seems that he used the expression more scary because he would be helpless if he quietly approached or suddenly appeared.

In this era, first, we are looking through artificial satellites such as Mars and Venus while constantly exploring the universe. In addition, he is deeply interested in the micro world, which is the opposite concept of the large and vast universe. The existence of ‘Namometer – Atom – Atomic Nucleus – Proton/neutron’ has already been scientifically identified.

Looking at the universe world and the micro world, what can we humans who discover and observe this and live in the current generation think? Should we believe that all this world was created by chance with evolutionary ideas? On this morning before Sunday, I stick my head out the window of my heart today and look up to the sky to see the greatness of God, and down to the earth to see the myriad forces of life. And thinking of the numerous beings that are still wandering around like corona germs, imagine the spirit of God who operated on the water in the beginning.

(Genesis 1:2) Darkness covered the deep sea, and the Spirit of God was moving over the water.