Respectful Leadership - Boaz Ko

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  In New Zealand, the Auckland Council of Korean Churches (Ohanhyeop) is one of the few great united communities among the many united organizations in the world. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the organization's beginning in the history of immigration. I look forward to God's plan for this year, especially as he has entrusted me with the presidency.

  I think the secret to the harmonious unity of the Ohan Association, which is centered on fellowship, is that there are three things. First, it was possible because there was a practice of loving one another, like water seeping into every crack and gap. Second, it was possible because service to one another was the glue that held the relationship together, which means that loving one another and serving one another were in harmony like a culture.

  And it was respect that made this harmony as strong as concrete. I have a handful of mentors that I look up to, and I prefer to call them by their proper names (in New Zealand): the man who is known as Hangman, the skinny, bony guy known as Baeni Suonga, the man who is willing to be called a woodcutter, the man who is known as a steady hand wherever he goes, the brother who is a soother, the brother who is a friend, and so on. I can count on 10 fingers the number of adults I look up to. 

  Some are people I see regularly to encourage me, some are events, and some are people I interact with online through social media. Looking back over the past 10 years, I confess that I am who I am today because of the respect, care, and encouragement I have received from those I admire. 

  In particular, there were people who encouraged me to take on the role of president a few years ago. However, at that time, my own heart, which was exposed to honor, was confirmed, and I prayerfully stepped back from the opportunity to be president. As more time passed and I was challenged by my mentor, I decided to stand with a heart of service rather than honor, and now I am serving as president. 

  One of the most important character traits I have learned while serving on the leadership team at OHANA is respect. When this respect is extended to one another, I have seen strong relationships built, and I believe that unity is built on that foundation. Beginning in 2023, the term of the President will be reduced to one year from the previous two years. In the year that I have been given, may I share the love and service I have received with my seniors, colleagues, and juniors alike in a vessel of respect.