A Message from WOF - Boaz Ko

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  About a month ago, my prayers for more than three years were answered, and I served a meal to welcome a valuable guest. The weather was fine and the restaurant was neat. I parked on the road and checked the time carefully. It was free parking for 1 hour, so I ate and left appropriately.

  However, I noticed an unexpected ticket fluttering on my wipers. I wondered what the problem was. There was no problem with the parking time or line. I checked to see if my car was too far into the sidewalk, but there was no specific reason given. Wondering if it was a parking enforcer's mistake, I looked around and saw the enforcer at the end of the street. I chased him down with a piece of paper and politely asked him. What was the basis for this ticket?

  He searches through his papers for a moment, then shows me. It turns out I'm overdue for a WOF (vehicle safety inspection) by more than two months. He was busy preparing for the end of the year and mistakenly thought he was buying a car at the end of December. The sister's food had cost $16 that day, but she had been treated to a $216 meal. He paid the fine, consoling her pain by blessing her with a life worth living.

  This experience made me realize something about our current times. What happens when we have a good plan in our daily life and faith, when we live honestly and righteously, and when we do well in worship, service, and devotion to God, but we have a disconnect with God like Wuf? The thought flashed through my mind. It happened in the car on the way home from church.

  I was driving home from church, and I thought, "What if I'm evangelizing for the Lord, ministering in various situations, getting along with people, and receiving praise, and the Lord says, 'I don't even know you? As I was driving, I pulled over to a place where I could stop and jotted down these ideas. After a few days of meditation, I'm writing this post.

  I realized that no matter how good, brilliant, and well-prepared I am, if I don't have a plan that is in line with my relationship with God, any notice from His side can be a WOF default sticker that I never expected. This is my realization today, after receiving this fine bomb. I am reminded of the basic but most important relationship with God.

Many are the plans of a man's heart, but only the will of the LORD will fully stand (Prov. 19:21).