After the disaster, the report card - Boaz Ko 

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  Last week (NZ: January 27), Auckland was hit by the worst flooding in 100 years. I was returning to Auckland from Sydney that day and was unable to be there due to the closure of the airport, but after an emergency landing in another city and three days of inconvenience, I returned home on Sunday evening.

  I arrived in Christchurch late at night and had to find my own accommodation. It was an emergency, and the airline was in a panic trying to deal with hundreds of people. After standing in line for four hours, I secured a return flight and reached out that night. Two fellow pastors reached out to me, and I stayed at one of their homes until after 1 a.m., slept, and woke up after 8 a.m. The next morning, and as a bonus, I got to meet and comfort and thank several people.

  One sad thing I heard from out of town was that a fellow pastor's house was flooded and in desperate condition. There is no content insurance. Not much hope of compensation from the state. After returning to Auckland, I made my first run the next day, arriving earlier than I had promised to help. The rain is still falling intermittently. Piles of trash need to be moved off the road. I couldn't speak, but I didn't feel comfortable.

  However, more and more helpers arrive, and more than 10 people help. I was encouraged by the speed with which time passed. I had no particular words of comfort for my fellow pastor who was affected, but the Lord reminded me, "Pastor, they say that when a person is in crisis, their report card appears. From the looks of the outpouring of help, you have a good report card for the life you've lived. Take comfort in this." I said it as a given. In retrospect, I realize that these were words of wisdom from the Lord.

  Just as the results of a student's hard work in school are revealed in a report card through examinations, I think the report card of our lives is the same when we face tests or tribulations. Especially from a pastoral perspective, I have seen that the faith of the saints is clearly revealed when they are tested. Whether you are excelling (B/A) or wandering between two homes (D/E), this is your faith report card. 

  We all know that in order to have a good report card, you have to be able to handle the test. If you run away because you don't want to, or back away because you're scared, you won't get a good report card. In life and faith, the principle seems to be no different. When a crisis or difficulty is at hand, you can look at your past report card, and if you look it in the face, you can trust that there will be benefit in your suffering.(Psalm 119:71)

  I want to testify with gratitude that in times of trouble, I have been comforted by a good report card from someone else. Our own report cards will appear in many places. At weddings, as guests; at funerals, as mourners. Hopefully, even though we won't be able to see them at the funeral home, they will be seen and praised by the Lord in heaven.