Eyes to See the Problem - Boaz Koh

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 About 10 days ago, for some reason, the tip of my nose, like Rudolph's deer nose, became red and painful to the point where I was worried that I might be mistaken for an alcoholic. The tightness of the tip of my nose caused me some pain, and it started to itch. I kept touching it, even unconsciously, and eventually, the fever broke, leaving a small scab. It was good for Rudolph, but not for me.

  Then I started thinking about why the tip of my nose was so red. I finally concluded that something was wrong with my body and it was showing it. Normally, heat is often directed to the head, but what goes to the head is collected at the tip of the nose.

  That's how the thinker's journey began again. In everyday life, it is said that you can tell a person's condition by looking at their face. As the saying goes, 'faces don't lie'. If a person is worried about something, or if something is wrong with their five organs, their face seems to show it. 

  Why did God create us this way? My realization is that He shows us things so that we can recognize them. It's like giving us a signal so that we can take action. In that sense, the red light on the tip of my nose was a signal to me that my body's rhythm was broken. I know this for a fact because I had sleepless nights for a few days after that signal.

  My next thought was, what about the red flags that didn't show up outwardly? I realized that perhaps when I ignored the signs on my face or covered them up in my own way, I was creating a bigger problem on the inside. For example, stomach ulcers, heart disease, cancer, brain hemorrhages, etc. are invisible but growing.

  I've learned that when there's poor circulation in the body, the heat comes out and manifests as small boils. At some point, I started to appreciate this. The reason is that I can recognize problems by following the signs. I think the biggest problem in life and ministry is when we don't recognize the problem.

  I remember reading a book. It said that the opposite of a correct answer is a wrong answer and the opposite of a solution is a problem. If you recognize the problem, you have a better chance of finding the answer. Here, I think we can look at the problem differently. You may be able to hide what's outside your body with great grooming, makeup, or makeup. But it won't be a solution. The body is the shell of the soul. Once you see the problem with your body, I think you need to take a big, long breath and let it soothe you and bring you back to your thoughts. How?