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My older sister posted this on my brother's Kakaotalk, and I'm sharing it with you.

"Do you know the word UBUNTU?" If I am for you, you are happy for me, and because of you, I can be doubly happy.

An anthropologist who was studying African tribes gathered a group of children together and proposed a game: place a basket by a tree full of fresh, sweet strawberries, a rare treat in Africa, and tell them that whichever child ran to the basket first would get all the fruit.  

Contrary to the anthropologist's expectations, the children grabbed each other's hands, as if they had made a pact beforehand, and started running together, hand in hand.

When they reached the fruit basket, they all sat down together and stuffed their mouths full of fruit, biting and giggling as they shared it.

The anthropologist asked the children, "Why did you hold hands and run together if you were going to give all the fruit to whoever came in first?" and the word "UBUNTU" came out of their mouths in chorus.

"How can I be happy when all the other kids are sad?" One of the children added, "UBUNTU is an African Bantu word that means "I am because we are together."

As President Nelson Mandela often emphasized and popularized, "Ubuntu!" In a world where it's all about being first or best, "Ubuntu!" is all about you.

Like the children of Africa, we hope you will join us in experiencing the sweet happiness that comes from being together. There is also a statistic that when you are happy, an average of 5 people around you are happy for the rest of the day. It's a world of togetherness, not alone, and I want to be happy with the people I meet today, so I wish you an 'Ubuntu' day.

Looking at the above, I think it is a chorus that is necessary for our community to live today.

The spirit of good neighborliness is found in the practice of the Good Samaritan. If individuals and organizations can unite in this spirit, I believe we can dream of a brighter future.

The spirit of ubuntu seems to be what our community needs. The amazing thing is that there is hope in our community, not strong, but possible and real. In a generation where individualism is on the rise and relationships are being destroyed and divided, I think the spirit we need to look for and pursue is the Ubuntu community, which is like a family.