365 Lessons from a Cold - Rev. Boaz

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I have been suffering from a nasty cold for the past week. I confessed even more strongly that the words of adults in the past were right. My immune system is getting weaker and weaker, so when a cold comes in, I feel like I have much less resistance. That's why lately, I've been paying close attention to my seniors who are about 10 years ahead of me. And I try to listen to their advice carefully.


We know that a cold is a harmful virus that has entered our body. I think it's more appropriate to say that we have a cold because something unwanted has entered our body. When I have a cold, my life is filled with cold for a few days. From my body's point of view, a cold is an enemy. When I look back after three days of being sick, I realize that there's been a huge battle going on inside my body.


The first sign of an incoming cold virus is a chill in the body, and the first reaction is sneezing and a tickle in the throat and discomfort. If this is the first round, I'll reach for a hot lemon tea or some New Zealand lemsip. But if the first line of defense fails, the cold virus seems to want to shut down my body's functions and make me feel cold. This is because you feel a chill and move on to body aches. But what's worse and more mysterious is the development of a high fever.

According to the literature, this is due to the body's self-protection instinct system kicking in to maintain a stable body temperature of 36.5 degrees. Considering that the earth is tilted at 36.5 degrees, that there are 365 days in a year (of course, there are leap years), and that our normal body temperature is 36.5 degrees, it seems that there is a special providence from the Creator.

A major battle against cold viruses is fought with high fever, sweating, and body aches. In this battle, medicines are meant to shorten and reduce the duration and pain. Another painful part of the battle is the headache. My head hurts so much and it's painful. I'm not an expert, so I don't know, but I think it's a third defense system against harmful bacteria.

When we've been through a war like World War II, it's like the debris of that war is pouring out in phlegm and coughs. I wonder if the bacteria that tried to enter the lungs through the bronchi are captured and discharged as waste products outside the body, and the body stabilizes and recovers.

I realized that this story of the battle against the common cold can be interpreted or applied as a spiritual principle. When Satan's evil attacks are directed at believers, we must fight, and the secret to victory is the number 365. We can apply this to our daily lives, 365 days, as we walk with the Lord in the Word. In the book of Acts, we read that "the Bereans were more generous than the Thessalonians, and received the word with eagerness; and this being so, they meditated on the Scriptures daily" (Acts 17:11).

We believe that any attack by Satan on believers will be fought and overcome like a cold.