The Secret to the 16:9 Ratio by Boaz

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  I am a glasses man who has worn glasses for over 40 years, from the age of 15 to the present. For the long years of wearing glasses, glasses have become a part of my body. Moreover, nowadays, the inconvenience of wearing glasses is increasing rapidly due to old age. I have a job that requires me to read a book, which makes it even more difficult. Maybe it's because of these reasons that I've gotten used to seeing and hearing things.

  Two years ago, my oldest son took a job in Australia and moved to Melbourne. One of the gifts he bought me before he left was a 65-inch smart TV(4K). It now has at home. It's a world of difference from the 37-inch low-definition. My first TV as a child was in black and white and had a 4:3 aspect ratio. At the time, it looked like a box that showed the world, and it was thought to be the best ratio.

  It was the movie theater that shook up that seemingly perfect ratio. The 1.88:1 (more recently 2.35:1) screen, with its massive horizontal widening from 4:3 (=1.33:1), immersed me in the world of movies. Looking back, I find myself living in the digital age beyond the analog era. In the digital age, I believe that the best benefit for each household is the 16:9 (1.77:1) ratio.

  Elder Steve Oh's insight in the Day 12 Daniel Prayer Meeting(one of the famous prayer meetings) testimony, which I watched and listened to last Monday, hit the nail on the head. He is an expert in using drones to capture all kinds of action footage for world-renowned movie shoots. His explanation of the 16:9 aspect ratio was very understandable to me.

  The gist of his testimony was uncomplicated. His testimony wasn't complicated: when you're setting up and shooting, no matter how thoroughly you plan, it's not the people who make it happen. He said that a lot of money is spent on each scene. Some spend billions to build a set. The stuntmen and the many vehicles (= props that will be destroyed or damaged) have to be coordinated as perfectly as possible. But even if the director, actors, and set are perfectly prepared, the camera can ruin the whole thing.

  In the testimony of the elder Oh, who has come to be recognized as a top expert in such a demanding profession, he reveals the secret to achieving perfection: the 16:9 ratio. It comes from Proverbs 16:9 in the Bible. "In his heart, a man plans his way, but it is the LORD who directs his steps." 

  In the past, in the analog era, the ratio that could be captured was 4:3. However, in the digital age, the scope has expanded. The 16:9 aspect ratio is, at a glance, the best ratio available today. Elder Oh testifies that all of this is because the Lord is leading. The Lord God guides our steps today, 4:3 and we are shown other things that were not seen in the world. The Lord's guidance was there, and I confess that by His grace we live today.