Take-off and Landing, Pastor Boaz Ko

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  I have been an immigrant for 22 years now. I have left and entered the country quite a few times to visit Korea or other countries. In the case of Korean Air, becoming a member of Morningcom is proof of that. Even in my daily life, I still get excited when I see an airplane flying in the sky. But when I get on an airplane for a long flight, I regret it soon.

  In order to escape the mundane, we need to fly. When I see a bird flying, I dream of flying like that, so I guess I'm getting vicariously satisfied by flying.

  But to get on that plane, you have to pay a significant amount of money for airfare and deal with the anxiety of being up in the air. As we all know, when an airplane takes off to take to the skies, it burns a lot of fuel, and the pilots and staff have their hands full. Of course, the passengers are also nervous. In other words, there's a price to pay for an emergency.

  Once we've taken off and climbed above the clouds, we'll be flying through the wide, green expanse. What can I say... When we look down, it's like seeing a second land. And I feel ashamed of myself for shuffling my feet in my ordinary life, and my heart becomes generous. So I've been actively encouraging my acquaintances to pursue emergencies in their daily lives.

  But we can't always be in a state of emergency. We must come back down to earth at some point. We have to land, even if it's a hard landing. And when we do, we need to have a safe place to get off. Otherwise, that great emergency becomes a crash to earth.

  In other words, taking off is important and difficult, but landing is even more important and difficult. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have the wisdom to find a safe place to land during the blessed emergency. It's like a wise man thinking about the end of his life.

  In thinking about this, I realized something. As a person with a fear of heights, it's very real: when we're up in the air, we're afraid because we're not sure where we're going to land safely. But when we're high and wide open and looking down, we can see a safe place to land. So I think that having dreams and challenges that rise above the ordinary is the life that the Lord wants us to live. Let's flutter. Let's flutter together.