In a Dream 1 - Boaz Ko

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For the past 10 days, my family has been spending quality time with my oldest son, who got a job and was working in Melbourne, Australia. I'm grateful that we were able to make memories together during an insufficient schedule. Among them, last night (January 5, 24), I watched a Korean movie called "3 Days of Vacation" with my son alone. It's a touching movie about a dead mother who spends three days in the afterlife vacationing next to her living daughter, trying to understand and heal each other's past. 

  In a particularly memorable scene, the daughter is unable to understand her mother's past, and after the funeral, she blames herself for her life and thinks bitterly about it. Feeling sorry for her daughter, the mother braves becoming the spirit of the dead to appear to her daughter, comfort her, clear up misunderstandings, and help her sleep happily. When she wakes up, the movie describes it as a dream. 

  As the movie wrapped up, I said to my son. At the end of the movie, I said to my son, "Son, we shouldn't regret that when we die, but let's talk to each other while we're alive, solve, understand, and live." My heartwarming son also said, "Let's do it." It was my second time with my son since the "Plane" movie in 23 years. 

  Afterward, I remembered two stories from the past 10 years where dreams helped me overcome difficulties. The order of the two dreams is uncertain, but I believe they occurred sometime between or after 2011 and 2013, two of the most difficult years of my 55-year life. 

  In 2011, after the news of my wife's first breast cancer, there was a period during her chemotherapy that was very difficult for me emotionally. There was no time to think or meditate, just to deal with the crisis at hand. Then one day, in a dream, I had an ecstatic, if that's the right word, experience of walking towards heaven. I can still remember the sensation of my body floating and flying. After I woke up, the comfort that came to me as a believer was the hope of heaven, and that hope helped me deal with the pain of the present.

  There was a group of people I walked in that dream... I don't know if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but I have no recollection of who they were. What I do know is that we were all walking in amazement and joy.

  The second, 2013, was a harsh year, to say the least. After my first wife's battle with cancer, there was a pastoral crisis and a financial crisis, and then in 2013, my wife's second battle with ovarian cancer began. To top it all off, my best friend's wife committed suicide due to severe depression, leaving behind a family. Crucially, the shocks fell like a bomb on me, causing me to go into shock. There was a period when I had an overwhelming panic attack and fainted in my sleep at night. These past traumas have remained as side effects in my life today.

 The dreams God gave me to get me through this second period of hardship will be shared next week.