In a Dreams 2 - Boaz Koh

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About two weeks ago, my oldest son was visiting from Australia on vacation. I started talking about my dreams after watching a Korean movie called "3 Days of Vacation" starring Kim, Hae-Sook with my son. When I think of dreams, I think of many characters in the Bible, the first of which is Joseph, the man of dreams. If Joseph's dreams are interpreted as visions, I think my dreams are hopes.

During the three months of February-April 2013, hardships came from all sides, and I finally reached my breaking point. I suffered from panic disorder for several months. At that time, I had difficulties in all aspects of my soul and body. During that time of tribulation, the people who were close to me and helped me with their intercession passed by like a beacon. Looking back, I realized that the people who are with me in difficulties are the most important.

During this time, I had an unforgettable dream. It was a dream that seemed to reflect the situation and circumstances of the time, making it even more vivid. One night during the tribulation, I dreamed that I was climbing a dark mountain. As I struggled up the mountain, suddenly there was an earthquake and an explosion at the top, followed by lava flowing. Even in my dream, I thought, "I'm dead," because the path was cracked by the earthquake and the lava was flowing everywhere.

Fortunately, even in my dreams, like a man of faith, I prayed to God for help: "Lord, please save me, and show me the way out." And then something truly amazing happened. This is where the story gets really exciting. As I prayed, two winged angels (like the image given in the movie) flew down from the sky, picked me up from both sides and carried me up into the air, away from the earthquake and lava.

With relief and gratitude, I looked down. Earthquakes were cracking everywhere, lava was flowing like water here and there, and yet, up in the air, I could see a way out. Just when I thought I had it made, something completely unexpected happened. I feel limited in how I can explain it because of the limitations of words, but now, many years later, I have my interpretation.

I was baffled by the behavior of the angels who held me in the air as if to keep me safe. Naturally, I expected them to take me to another place of safety, but instead, they put me back down where I was. What's even more amazing is that in that dream, I was not afraid or trembling. Rather, I was a brave man, because I had seen the way down from the sky with my own eyes. I woke up from that dream walking along the path of escape.

Then I passed through the second tribulation with the words I had memorized, "He knows the way I go; after he has refined me, I will come out like pure gold" (Job 23:10). Since then, I have deeply experienced the meaning of "It is good for you to suffer" (Psalm 119:71). I can now boldly say. During all tribulation and adversity, there is always a way of escape prepared by the Lord.