God's Tempo - Boaz Koh

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  In his youth, he was the lead guitarist of a crazy vocal group. The spirit of rock and roll and heavy metal implies a rebellious temperament. Even if you live the life of a musician, I think the most important thing is rhythm and harmony. No matter how good my fingers and musical sense are, if I'm out of the rhythm of what the team is playing, it's just uncoordinated noise. And within that rhythm, there is a tempo for each genre. 

  A few days ago, as I was praying with the Holy Spirit in early morning prayer, He gave me a dream and hope for a ministry that hasn't seen much change or breakthrough. I began to envision a picture in my mind of John's revelation 2000 years ago, and plans were planted in my mind like the plans for Noah's ark, depending on the circumstances and conditions. Of course, it's not realistic. But just seeing that vision was revitalizing to my soul.

  In about two weeks, I will be leaving the pastoral field of the past 15 years to rest and rest for the next 14 or so years of ministry. A 37-day sabbatical is impractical for our church and our finances. Nevertheless, I prayed to God as a child would to a parent. As I prayed, I was given a vision, almost like déjà vu, of how I had moved forward in the past when this had happened. And then the next plans that were shown to me.

  I still have a lot of doubts. Are these dreams and visions what I want? Or are they God's leading? I asked myself this question several times as my eyes of reason opened during prayer. Then I ask the Lord again in all seriousness. "Lord, are these unrealistic dreams and visions correct? How and when will this be possible?" And then I fell silent in contemplation. It is very difficult to distinguish between my voice and God's voice in prayer. But here's what I've learned in the past 15 years of ministry. 

  God's answers often seem to be the opposite of my desired pace or method. After a period of silence, there is a phrase that sticks in my mind. I think it's a great phrase. "God's tempo" was the answer given. I think those of us who pray know what that means. It's not a phrase we use in everyday life.

  I'm sure it would be easily understood by anyone who plays in a team. As always, the dreams and visions the Lord gives are fulfilled in His time and in His way, in His perfect time, and we are to follow that tempo and play (minister) in the rhythm and tone that we are given.