Through the Window - Rev. Boaz

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You're sitting at your laptop on the table in your living room, looking out the window at your neighbours' houses. I'm soaking up the atmosphere of New Zealand, a country of nature where houses and trees blend. The world outside your window is more colourful than you think. If you're looking straight ahead and want to see more of the right side, you can move closer to the left window. Of course, the same principle applies to the other side.

But the window has its limits. It means that there is a limit to what you can see, even though there is another world behind it. The world beyond the door of your everyday car, or the window of a boat or aeroplane is a picturesque landscape, but it's still limited.

To overcome this limitation, you can stick your head out of the window and see a little more. If you want to see more, you can go beyond the window and see even more. But if you do this in a car, a boat, or an aeroplane, I think it would be a disaster. If you were in the middle of the ocean and tried to look out the window to see something else, the deep, scary ocean would open your mouth wide. If you're in the sky, you'll see things you don't even want to imagine.

The above is the perspective from the inside of the window. On the other hand, looking at the inside of the window from the outside would be different. I spread my wings of thought. What would happen if someone was watching me through the window? For a moment, I thought, what if a burglar was spying through my window to burglarise my house? I probably wouldn't see anything wrong with spying. However, if the thief climbs through the window and enters the house, it becomes a problem.

Windows are a great way to enjoy the world outside your home. But you have to remember that you're also exposing yourself to someone. That's why we have curtains in our civilisation. Today, through the windows of our minds, we both see and show others, including our classmates, by opening and closing the windows of our hearts appropriately.

As I sit down to finish this voyage of the heart, it is dark outside the window. All I can see is a dim light. The window, showing things as they are, looks like someone's heart. There are some things we need to guard our hearts against these days. Keep your mind focused on the heart of the Lord.

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