The 3 S's of Spiritual Blindness

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  Living in the year 2024, I identify as a Christian. Gone are the days of youth when dreams were more important than money and fame, and I am now middle-aged, with many "latte" words and thoughts. When I look at the development and progress of civilization, I am amazed. In the recent era of AI, I am not only amazed but worried.

  As Christians living in this age, we often think that we are fighting a terrifying monster called secularisation. About a month ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a missionary and pastor who I see from time to time. During our conversation, he emphasized that there are 3 S's that Satan uses to blind our eyes and ears in the modern world.

  The first is called Screen. YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Disney, and so many others are taking over our eyes, ears, and souls. Conscious of this, I have a media fast every Tuesday, except for social media for communication. Recently, YouTube's shorts or munchies are seriously turning humanity into video addicts.

  The second is called Sports. Football, volleyball, baseball, basketball, golf, and other martial arts are just too much to watch. The people who need that exercise are glued to their screens, eating the food that the YouTubers have introduced them to, and getting fat, which they don't want. I wonder if 30% of all the money in the world is being traded here.

  The third is called Sex. It's no wonder that sexual depravity is one of the easiest areas for people with money, fame, and power to fall into. Even within Christianity, stories of high-profile stumbles and falls are often the result of sexual temptation. Recently, a promising missionary of a prominent missionary organization's sexual misconduct was not only shocking but also fodder for anti-Christian forces.

  I think we Christians living in a secularised world need to be very conscious and open our spiritual eyes and ears. This will require a conscious and intentional discipline to master the 3Ss. Because I believe that if we don't, our spiritual eyes, ears, and spirituality will be controlled. How is this possible? This is our task today.