A Dual Citizen - Boaz

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   It is said that dual citizenship is possible at the age of 65 in NZ. There is a lot of talk about this among people who are directly or indirectly related to this. When I thought about why there is so much interest, it is because having two citizenships allows you to have the privileges of each country. I'll be involved in about nine years, so I'm listening with one ear to the ground.

  As a pastor, the people around me are mostly Christians. So, naturally, I think a lot about Christians. I am even more interested because all of the members currently entrusted to me are living as Christians in the world. How should Christians live in this world? This is the window of the mind I want to open today.

  Christians are people of the earth, living in the present, in the time of today. But in a very special way, we are dual citizens of the kingdom of God that will be given to us tomorrow. We are citizens of the earth and citizens of the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, so we can enjoy the benefits of both if we get the administrative procedures right.

  First, for both citizenships to be valid, we must receive the gospel of the kingdom of God by faith today in this life. And we must live today in hope and expectation of the kingdom of heaven. To maintain this attitude, they need each other's support and help. I think that is the church on earth that the Lord left behind after his ascension. I believe in building a community of faith centered on the Church community and fulfilling the mission of freedom, peace, and joy.

  Of course, it is not without struggle for the benefit of both sides. There is a price to pay for living in two countries with one body. Just as it is worth the effort to obtain and maintain dual citizenship. I think it is up to us to live our daily lives in the world we are given. I acknowledge that life in this life is busy, hectic, and sometimes difficult. However, as Christians living today, we have the double burden of living with a Kingdom Mentality and attitude as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  Knowing this duality, why do we live as dual citizens today? Because the perfect kingdom of God is promised in the third life. This is the strength and power of today. This is possible because the hope of the kingdom of heaven strengthens and guides our lives today.