Four Regrets I have before (210110)

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A while ago, I watched a meaningful video on YouTube. The title was “Four Things I Regret Before I Die” by many people.

The first is that he regretted not living his life passionately. He could have done more, but I think he regretted his lazy, indolent and passive life.
The second was to regret not choosing happiness in the past in relation to choice. Looking back, I understand that at that time, I understood that I had missed out on being happy because of unnecessary greed, pride, or pride, and regretted being unhappy amidst complaints and dissatisfaction.
The third is related to love, and there were many regrets of not loving more in life. At that time, I regretted that I would love my wife, husband, children, or parents more. He deeply sympathizes with the feeling that he will regret for the rest of his life for not saying he loves his deceased father even once. Confessing that I love you today and trying to love more is the way to happiness.
Finally, the fourth regretted the purchase without being grateful for everything. Seeing what someone wrote, he says: In the face of death, money is like a piece of tissue paper and has no meaning~ Just as happiness was a choice, gratitude seems to be determined by the choice. There was no gratitude there as I complained more than regret because of the lack of improvement in the life I looked back on. However, I think it is our handicap that we cannot think about the worse situation.
I was most grateful to myself for talking with my son about this on the night of December 31st. There is joy in gratitude because I have the passion to dream of a leap in the new year, the courage to believe in choosing happiness, and the family and community I can love.
To start 2021, I want to live with passion, happiness, love, and gratitude in order not to get caught in the nape of the neck on the way to heaven by the above four regrets before I die.