Nice and beautiful figure (2021 02 04)

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I think New Zealand's summer is also a time of fantastic beauty and clarity and light. This is because the photos I took in the summer came out statistically during the past immigration and pastoral ministry. I have been enjoying taking pictures since the last few years.

After seeing the same objects and people and confirming that different people have different interpretations and perspectives, I became more interested in taking pictures. People are diverse and have different personalities, personalities, and viewpoints. I think the other things are not wrong, so it should not be misunderstood.
What I realize is that when you see the strengths and weaknesses of a person while looking at other people's thoughts, perspectives, and appearance, if you focus your attention on the dark side of your weaknesses, you can lose sight of the true nature of the object and person. What I learned from taking pictures is that everyone has a wonderful and beautiful side.

It seems to come from the perspective, interest, and patience of the person taking the picture. In particular, it seems that even the same object and person can capture a wonderful and beautiful sight, action, or expression depending on what angle, background, and focus are set.
There are things that the person struggles with while looking at the same thing and seeing people. If it's something you see and see, let's see the best of it! Let's stay positive! First of all, looking at the beautiful and wonderful appearance as it is being used as it is for the purpose of existence, the possibility of saving and benefiting people, he is fulfilling the mission that he has been waiting for and looking forward to with faith as he has been called to be a pastor.

At the same time, in the community of faith, they are doing the ministry of grace, where they find their gifts and use them with the eyes of a hawk in love, keep and remember their wonderful and beautiful appearance in mind, and receive strength and comfort in the field of ministry.