Perspective and Gaze (2021 02 07)

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I sincerely thank God for giving me eyes to see the world, to see people, to see clear skies and natural nature. Life is a bicycle I often think that everyone rides. I think everyone will agree that there are times when we encounter unexpected obstacles in the realities we meet along the way.
A few days ago, I stumbled across this short phrase. Gaze... If you can't change reality, at least try to look at it differently. I've been thinking What is the reality that I cannot change? The first thing that comes to mind is the current corona crisis. and? As I continued to think, I remembered my wife’s heart, the wounds and pains of each member of the congregation, and the sloppy viewpoint of others.
Another question that followed is what kind of perspective can I see differently? The point of view is called Viewpoint in English and the word Gaze uses the word Gaze. As I meditated on the difference between words, the point of view seems to be centered on the viewer. The country is itself the subject. Changing this perspective would be a huge change.
But the short phrase I read emphasized the gaze. There seems to be some hidden wisdom in trying to see differently, so I looked up the meaning of Gaze. The ‘path of the eye’ is called the gaze. That is, the direction of the eyes. I understand that you should try to see the path your eyes take in a different way. It's about trying to see the unavoidable and irreversible reality facing me in a different way.

In Mark 9:24 in the Bible, when his child was stricken with a fatal disease, he cried out to Jesus as if crying out. “The boy's father cried out, saying, I believe, help my unbelief.” I admit my lack of faith and ask Jesus for help.
I learn the power and effect of prayer here. I think of prayer as time and supplication from God's point of view in faith, not from my point of view. I confess that the spiritual experience I have experienced through prayer in the time I have been through has given me much more wisdom to see, interpret, and change the perspective of the reality and problems than in the case of solving the problems of the reality I am facing.