Marital Courtesy (2021 02 16)

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Earlier this year, Pastor Mentor, whom I respect, came to the church to worship and gave me a small potted flower as a gift. If you add up the two you gave before then, it's the third. The first one was already dead, the second one with the flowers falling off and the withered leaves. I take care of you with interest and consideration for the heart you have given me. Every time I see it, I water it and take care of it by moving it to the sun and shade. The withered leaves are sprouting, and the last flower I received continues to bloom beautifully. The short realization is that beautiful flowers need attention and care.
I believe that our wives are flowers that bloom in the house during our married life, following the lessons of our senior pastor, who were formed by loyalty. Of course, I can't hide my sinful feelings in front of myself, who seems to be only thinking. I try to apply whether the flower is the face of the family. It reminds me of a letter left by the Apostle Peter. “Husbands should also understand and take care of their wives. Please respect your wife” (1 Peter 3:7).
If the wife, who is the face of a family, is to become a flower in full bloom, I think the role of the husband will be important. Most husbands like pretty flowers. No, even wives like good husbands. It seems the creator made it that way. But what really matters is not the make-up done prettily, but the make-up of the inner heart. Here is what the Apostle Peter was referring to. “These were the women of faith who feared and obeyed God in the past. They adorned the inside rather than the outward appearance, and they obeyed the authority of their husbands” (1 Peter 3:5).
Even now, he convinces him to pick up stars in the sky, and he is still arguing with his married wife. At the same time, a recent thought occurred to me that it would be wise to know how to be polite even as a married couple. Combining the words of the apostles Paul and Peter about husbands and wives, we see that one another should be respected in love. Last year, I heard stories about the couple and their family, Choi Soo-jong and Ha Hee-ra on Christian news. He is said to be respectful to both the couple and their children. I don't know, but I expect the couple to fight with respect.

I think it's something we, couples who live today, need to learn. This is because we, husband and wife, are children of God who should be respected for each other.