River of Grace - Boaz Ko (10032021)

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These days, I try to have a conversation with my wife through my own efforts. The person with typical masculinity is reluctant to speak more than necessary for a long time. However, although it is a little late, I am taking courage in terms of insurance for the rest of my life.

The topic shared before and after the vacation was about the influence of positivity and negativity in people's relationships. In the midst of the general consensus that the two exist and are necessary, the wife's neat metaphor was impressive. It is an expression that if something dirty is put in clear water, it will be visible immediately, but if dirty water is clear water, it will not be easily visible. It was a feeling that even the beauty looked pretty in the way of speaking as if it was shown in a photograph or drawing.
Most people live in relationships. From the moment you distance yourself from this important relationship, you begin to live like an astronaut. Even if we look around us, not far away, there are quite a few neighbors who live lonely and lonely lives because it is difficult to relate to people. Even if I think about it for a moment, it seems that I can live a rich life with a generous heart, but I close the door of my heart and complain about being lonely.

Those who live like that seem to have one thing in common. It is a negative view of everything. Complaining and criticizing people in relationships. Of course, that standard speaks for a number of reasons, but in the end it is your own standard. In particular, if you look at the serious cases among such people, the influence of a certain group or community is so severe that the group is disbanded or broken. They find that it is difficult to build a community relationship, but it is easy to break it down.
On the other hand, in a community of people who have problems and hurt each other, the clumsy power of positivity does not make a big difference. It seems to have an impact only when the power of bomb-grade positivity comes in. I think it is possible only when a person who overcomes a seemingly impossible misfortune with the grace of heaven flows the grace that overflows to him like a river. Through such touches, there will be healing and restoration, and there will be works in which people come to life.

I think that we, including myself, are still lacking. But I also think that there are neighbors who need the Lord's love more than ever. The past week I prayed especially for the history of our Good Neighbors community being used as a river of grace for neighbors in need of the Lord's grace.