If you love~ Boaz(C B) Ko (20210512)

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There is a pastor I met while doing a ministry to help Auckland pastors a while ago. After being connected, receiving a phone number and saving it, KakaoTalk was also connected. I was about to enter to send and receive messages through KakaoTalk, but a text along with an image caught my eye on the front door of my profile. “If you don’t love, you find an excuse; if you love, you find a way.” I said that, and after communicating, I had a daily life.
However, this phrase came to mind and I pondered it over and over. The meaning seemed to be engraved in my heart more and more, and I found out that the same principle applies no matter what I do or have a relationship with. With love, passion and sincerity, we were shown how to find a way somehow. On the other hand, when there is no love or passion and they do not want to do it, they are shown looking for excuses.

Since the beginning of this year, I have decided to try climbing a rock wall by comparing my posture to ‘rock and cliff’. So, I'm taking a rather challenging stance from what I'm usually familiar with. For example, I tried to fix things like a broken clothespin, a Trendler wheel, or a trash can with a broken lid. In the same approach as before, I can't do it, so it's not my field, but how can I change my mind and fix it? I've been thinking As I said before, I found a way.

As a result, fixable ideas arose, and possibilities seemed to emerge. And when I tried it, I experienced a solution and I am still doing it now. Recently, through this experience, I am convinced that the phrase I mentioned earlier is a wonderful saying.

Last week, a manuscript was published in relation to the church in Philadelphia, the sixth of the seven churches of Revelation. As a church that means “brotherly love,” it is an exemplary church praised by the Lord. At the heart of this community was love. I think they must have pondered and saved what they could and should do for each other because they love each other. It is a community that has properly valued the name of the church.

It is said that love covers many faults (Proverbs 10:12). The saying ‘if you love, you will find a way’ echoes in my heart. I love my family and I love the ranch and community members, so what & how I should be doing is my concern lately. I am more than happy to have a companion on the journey.