After the way to Happiness (Song-Jung Park)

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Perhaps many people are similar, but at the moment when I was spiritually and mentally exhausted due to the long lockdown, my wife advised me to take the path of happiness. When I asked how many weeks the course was and was told that it was a 10 week course, 10 weeks was 3 months, but it felt too long, so I pondered for a while whether to refuse. But after much deliberation, I finally decided to just give it a try.

I honestly didn't think much of a big change until the first 2-3 weeks on the road to happiness. However, I was looking forward to each week more and more, and it felt like 10 weeks passed too quickly.

The small testimonies I shared with my wife along the way to happiness and the small gratitude for everyday life made me feel like my dying spirit is reviving little by little as if it were CPR. As I remembered the God who worked in my life that I had forgotten for a while, my gratitude was restored, and there were days when I felt so grateful that I could even use shampoo.

 And while listening to the path of happiness, I experienced so many answers to prayers. To share one of them, I am given an opportunity to interview for a flight attendant job that I have been praying for for over a year, and now I am looking forward to the 3rd interview.

Also, it was nice to be able to look back on myself through the path of happiness and to get to know who I am.

And it was a beneficial time for me, who has changed a lot compared to the past, and realized what needs to be changed while continuing to train in the future.

It was such a fun time that I could listen to it again if asked to listen again. Whether you are in a period of spiritual stagnation and wandering like me right now, or not, I highly recommend you to listen to it even if you just don't think about it.