After the way to happiness (Jun Kim)

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I summarize my impressions as I travel through the journey for about three months and at the end. And for me, I would like to share one of the forgotten tips I got along the way to happiness. Please listen to the end and bring one if you need it :)

 When I first started my journey, it started around the end of lockdown, when I returned to school and went back to school. I was wondering if I could do it because I was in the middle of a crazy time, but I started because it was fortunate that it was just after the lockdown had ended, which gave me time and said that it was a relatively simple process.

At first I had this thought. In this book, in this textbook, what is the definition of happiness,

 I was curious because it was already defining happiness in many ways. The world also defines happiness, and because the Bible defines happiness for us who believe, and because there is happiness defined by individuals, I think I was more curious about the happiness this textbook talks about.

 When I first started on this path of happiness, the thought I had was that it induces a lot of people to take time to look into the subject of “I”. Especially the past. At first, some of these things made me bewildered. Because I've never thought so deeply about myself in my life. What kind of life I have lived, how I felt then, and why I did it. So I remember being a little embarrassed at first because it was a job I had never done before.

 And as I finished the lesson week by week, I gradually began to understand, saying, “Oh, this book talks about these parts”, and little by little, I started to get used to thinking about myself.

As I progressed on the path to happiness, I had time to define “me” once again. And I found out that that was what this book was intended for.

 At first, it seemed to be proceeding with “What is the way to become happy”, and it made me focus on “I”. At the same time, it made me think of myself, and at the same time, strangely, all the works and questions that made me think about me reminded me of what a happy life is in my life and made me look into it.

  Looking back one by one like that, the happiness I found through the images I found in it is as follows. This is my definition of happiness that I discovered at the end of the path to happiness.

My life became simple at some point. In other words, my life wasn't always that simple. But then, I started to become simpler, and the moments when my thoughts, my stubbornness, and my ego were broken before God. that's what I discovered.

  I was broken when I saw God who had a more perfect plan than my own, and I looked up to see a God who thought more deeply than I thought. As I faced a God who guides me better than anyone else, I became simple. What do you say...

  I tried my plans, my thoughts, and my stubbornness, but I made the conclusion that it is “better” to obey God’s word than that. Everything I tried to do made it harder, harder, and more exhausting. So there's no reason why my life shouldn't be simple. Because it has led to the conclusion that a life of obedience to the Word is more comfortable. When a problem arises, I don't worry about it, and if I just check in front of God's Word to see if this is right or wrong with God's Word, I just have to act as it is. So I decided to keep it simple. I found myself again through the 10-week journey.


For 10 weeks, while on the road to happiness, I looked back at myself, and in the past days, I discovered these things as I said earlier in the relationship between the human “I” and God the Father. I never wanted to. It was not easy to come to the conclusion that “it is better to obey the word of God”. There are still many things that are not easy. Nevertheless, what I can confidently recommend and say is that the mistakes and failures of the past have made that conclusion, so I recommend that you continue to challenge yourself before the Word. I think it would be good to think again about what true happiness is for me.

  Finally, what I learned along the way,

I came to know that God is not interested in what kind of job or school I have, what kind of background I have, or what I want. God made me know that He only cares about “me”. And I came to know that God wants to be closer to me.

==================================================== ==================================

Simplified. So it was convenient. I'm happy because it's comfortable.

I obeyed the word. And waited. I waited and God spoke.

You made me live a happy life.