Salvation Testimony (Min-Kook Jun: 2021 05 08)

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I have never written this testimony before, so please forgive me.

Now to tell the story of my past, I just went to church with my nanny since I was little. But I didn't know much about faith or the knowledge of God, and I was just bored.

 Actually, I'm still bored. That's how I went to church in Korea, and after that, I followed my dad all the way to New Zealand.

 However, since I came to New Zealand, many things have happened and it has been very difficult. Then I went to church, and from a certain moment I saw myself praying and relying on God without realizing it.

 You don't always hear my prayers, but you have answered and helped me in most of my prayers.

 The thing I want the most is to grow taller, and I have been praying every day for almost a year or two, but it seems that he is not listening yet... Sometimes I wonder if God really exists.

 He listens to other things, but why doesn't he listen to what I desperately want?

 I came to know the church called Good Neighbor through my father. My father sent text messages to 106 pastors, but most of them either ignored or refused. However, one of them, Pastor Chang-beom Koh, said he would like to help us if he could, so we came to this church.

  And not long ago, he heard about God and the way to salvation through the pastor, and he made me know that we can be saved if we receive more knowledge of the gospel and Jesus, and we know that we are saved by faith. Although I do not know it well yet, I confessed that I believe that I can be saved through the love of Jesus on the cross.

 I believe and feel that God is helping to make our family's life more stable.